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All The Lights Went Out All The Lights Went Out

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nicely executed. I'm a bit in awe that you got such great recordings out of using Audacity. The drums in the beginning of the piece are quite enjoyable. The song starts off taking the listener somewhere, but, towards the end, everything just feels a bit droned out. The fading at the end is fine, I just thought everything that was going to lead up to that moment would be either be more uplifting or slowly down falling. Either way, great work!

-PA (Rich&Brad)

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KillTheTrucker responds:

Audacity's pretty great actually, I just use it to record all the different pieces and if you use the right mics, it doesn't matter what program you use. Of course it took much longer to mix everything than when you'd use ProTools to record for example.

+ You're right about the last part, after several times of listening I wanted it to be more downtempo, like a breakdown or something but I didn't want to do everything again so yea... Still a bit too lazy for that :)

Thanks for your review guys!

Happy When You're High Happy When You're High

Rated 4 / 5 stars

All right, first things first, this song has a wicked groove, man! However, I would also say that the vocals might be a little too overly effected with digital sounds. It was sort of like listening to ocean waves crash onto the shoreline, and was quite difficult to decipher at times. We will be back to listen to more of your submissions.

-PA (Rich&Brad)

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mmFOOD responds:

Truly appreciate the input! I totally see where you're coming from. We intentionally intended it to sound like "crashing waves," almost a dream-like feel to it but giving it another listen I'd have to agree it sounds a bit saturated. Let's see if we can take another shot at it and play with it a little to get a much more limpid sound from the vocals. :)

I'd still like to toy around with it and get a lucid, dream-like feel from the vocals. We'll see.

This is just a raw demo for now.